5 Myths of Video Fleet Telematics

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Video fleet telematics, a powerful combination of GPS tracking, video cameras, and data analysis, has revolutionized fleet management in Canada. With every revolutionary piece of tech, several myths surround this solution. In this post, we debunk these misconceptions and show the truth on the advantages of video fleet telematics.


  1. Myth: Video fleet telematics is too expensive. 

    Truth: While there is an initial investment involved in installing the necessary hardware and software, the long-term benefits outweigh the costs. Reduced insurance premiums, improved safety, lowered maintenance expenses, and increased operational efficiency can lead to significant cost savings. Some companies are forced to shut down due to nuclear verdicts with jury payouts costing them millions of dollars.  

  2. Myth: Cameras are used to get the driver in trouble.

    Truth: Some drivers may feel that having cameras in their vehicles is an invasion of their privacy. However, the technology is designed to improve safety and protect both the driver and the company from false claims. Many heavy duty truck drivers are “brake checked,” causing an accident, and this video can exonerate the driver. 

  3. Myth: Fleet management software is difficult to use.

    Truth: Modern video fleet telematics solutions are designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with dashboards and alerts that make it easy for fleet managers to monitor and analyze data. At GPS Tracking Canada, we also provide complimentary training on these solutions to lower that learning curve.

  4. Myth: Cameras are only useful for large companies.

    Truth: While video telematics is especially beneficial for large fleets due accidents happening more often, smaller companies can also benefit from the technology. In fact, it can be especially useful for small businesses looking to improve safety and reduce costs, allowing you to invest more into growing your business.

  5. Myth: All cameras are the same, why not just get the cheapest model?

    Truth: Different companies have different needs and priorities, and solutions should be customized to meet those specific needs. The technology can be tailored to track specific metrics and provide alerts and reports that are relevant to each individual company. A part of our setup process at GPS Tracking Canada is to uncover how exactly to fine-tune this solution to your needs. The more you have the video fleet solution tuned to, the more savings you can expect.

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