5 Reasons to use a GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

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Introduce a GPS Vehicle Tracking system to your employees as part of a bonus and cost savings program. Employees and staff need to quickly accept the idea of using vehicle tracking technology to keep up with the times and increase the financial position of the company; rather than “big brother watching over them”. Employees value their jobs in a tighter economy, more than they do the idea of being supervised. At the end of the day, vehicle tracking systems are essentially just another management tool to help you better run your business.

A GPS Vehicle Tracking system or fleet tracking system can be actively used to resolve customer disputes related to arrival time, service duration and service location. Employees will appreciate this level of detailed support.

By knowing the exact location of a vehicle, pinpointed on a map, remote staff that are lost can be better helped. This helps the employee stay on schedule and not have to speed or work over time to recover lost time.

Reducing the average speed of your vehicles. As an example, if you get your vehicles to slow down and stay within the speed limits, this relates directly into fuel consumption, maintenance and accidents that could save up to 20% on your monthly fuel bill. The additional benefit of reducing speed is that you can reduce your insurance liability. You may find that servicing and maintenance costs will reduce, however this will only be evident over time. It might take a year for you to really see the difference on your bottom-line, but it has to come if you are driving fewer miles and at the legal speed limits.

Verification of the accuracy of time sheets can be a key area for improvement. The introduction of a GPS Vehicle Tracking system gives you the facility to compare a typical start-stop report to the time sheets. Determine what the average margin of error is and then compare that to the time sheets before you installed the GPS vehicle tracking system. The benefit can equate to savings of thousands of dollars, per employee, per year.

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