6 Ways Fleet Managers Can Promote Driver Safety

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Driver safety is a top priority for fleet managers, as accidents and incidents can be costly and have a negative impact on a company’s reputation. In this article, we will discuss tips to promote driver safety.

  1. Provide Driver Training: One of the most effective ways to promote driver safety is to provide driver training. This training can cover topics such as defensive driving, distracted driving, and safe maneuvering. By providing regular training sessions, drivers will be equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to drive safely and avoid accidents.

  2. Monitor Driver Behavior: Telematics systems can be used to monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, hard braking, and aggressive driving. By tracking this behavior, fleet managers can identify areas where drivers need additional training and coaching. This can help improve driver behavior and reduce the risk of accidents. We have some great reports and a driver safety scorecard feature that can show you which drivers are performing the best, which are most improved, and who needs the most assistance that can be setup for an automated email report, scheduled to your choosing. 

  3. Implement Safety Policies: Fleet managers should implement safety policies that promote safe driving practices. These policies can include guidelines on distracted driving, seatbelt usage, and speeding. By implementing these policies, drivers will be aware of what is expected of them, and they will be more likely to adhere to safe driving practices. Not only can fleet managers implement driver scorecards as above, they can also implement Video Telematics systems including ADAS (Advanced Driver Alert Systems) and AI (Artificial intelligence) to track problematic driver behaviours. These tools work especially well when combined with tip #6.

  4. Encourage Communication: Fleet managers should encourage open communication with their drivers since the system can work in their benefit with driver safety features. This can help drivers feel more comfortable reporting any safety concerns they may have. By addressing these concerns, fleet managers can improve driver safety, prevent accidents, and retain more skilled drivers that value their safety is taken seriously. This means less time spent finding good drivers.

  5. Conduct Regular Vehicle Inspections: Regular vehicle inspections can help identify potential safety hazards and prevent accidents. Fleet managers should ensure that all vehicles are inspected regularly and that any issues are addressed promptly. You can utilize our DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports) to have drivers report any issues with the vehicles. These inspections can even be customized to remind the driver of unique checks that may need to be done on a specialty selection of vehicles, or perhaps tools the drivers need themselves when they are in the field.

  6. Reward Safe Driving: Fleet managers can encourage safe driving practices by rewarding drivers who consistently exhibit safe driving habits. This can include recognition programs or incentives for safe driving, such as bonuses or time off. This can be a more efficient way to promote better driving habits rather than punishing those with bad habits, which also incorporates tip #4.

Promoting safe driving practices is essential for fleet managers. By providing driver training, monitoring driver behavior, implementing safety policies, encouraging communication, conducting regular vehicle inspections, and rewarding safe driving, fleet managers can create a safer working environment for their drivers and reduce the risk of accidents. Promoting driver safety allows fleet managers to protect their employees and their business from lawsuits. Everybody wins!

Using our Geotab Driver Safety scorecard, your fleet management team can actually see which drivers are behaving the best, and you get a rating on how safe your fleet is overall. We also have the ability to track your fleet performance and compare it to other organizations in your industry that are your size, allowing you to see how safe your fleet is compared to your competitors. 


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