Index of Industries

Industries that can benefit from GPS Tracking:


  Aggregates delivery
  Agricultural products pickup and delivery
  Agricultural farming equipment delivery
  Arboreal: Tree and shrub planting and maintenance
  Appliance delivery
  Appliance repair
  Audio/video/home theatre installation and repair
  Auto repair and collision
  Automobile glass installation and repair
  Automobile rental
  Automobile sales and leasing
  Automobile Sub Prime Financing / Buy Here, Pay Here
  Automotive parts delivery
  Baked goods delivery
  Bathroom and accessories sales delivery and installation
  Battery delivery and maintenance
  Basement systems – waterproofing and repair
  Beverage distribution & coffee service
  Boat sales and rental
  Building supplies and materials delivery
  Busing: Public, school, camp
  Cake, dessert and bakery delivery
  Cable / Internet / Telecom installation services
  Carpet cleaning
  Cartage, transport and logistics services
  Cash register and business equipment sales and service
  Catering company
  Computer repair
  Concrete or brick manufacturer
  Concrete Placement/Pumping
  Construction / General Contracting
  Construction and off road equipment and vehicle rental
  Crane services
  Dewatering services
  Doors and Windows Manufacturer
  Duct cleaning
  Education sector:  operations and maintenance
  Elevator installation and repair
  Electrical Contracting installation and repair
  Engineering – crane and structure inspection
  Energy/Fuel/Gas Companies
  Fire extinguishing systems installation maintenance
  Fitness equipment installation and maintenance
  Flooring and carpet sales and installation
  Floral supply
  Food wholesaler delivery
  Food and Beverage Industry
  Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments
  Fuel & Oil delivery
  Funeral Home / Cemetery
  Furniture delivery
  Garage door repair
  Garden centre delivery
  General Engineering
  Glass and mirror installation and repair
  Grocery delivery
  Health care and mobility aids supplies and services
  Home audio/video/theatre installation services
  Home health care / personal support care
  Housewares and small appliance supplier
  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) / Mechanical
  Insulation installation
  Irrigation (lawn sprinkler installation)
  Janitorial / cleaning services
  Landscape Design and Construction
  Landscape Maintenance and Snow Removal
  Lighting sales and installation services
  Linen rental and cleaning
  Limousine, Taxi
  Lock installation and repair
  Maid / house cleaning
  Marketing vehicles
  Meat delivery
  Medical transport – supplies and medicines
  Medical diagnostic services – pickup and delivery
  Milk and dairy products delivery
  Mobile advertising
  Mobile car and truck wash
  Mobile Resource Management
  Mobile Shredding / Document Management
  Mobile Workers / Mobile Worker Tracking / Mobile Worker Monitoring / Mobile Worker Management
  Musical Instruments sales and repair
  Office furniture delivery
  Office supplies delivery
  Paving / Road Repair
  Pest control
  Personal usage
  Pharmaceutial sales
  Photocopier and printer repair
  Pool maintenance services
  Property Maintenance
  Public Sector
  Rental companies
  Restaurant and fast food delivery
  Restaurant equipment delivery and installation
  Road sign services
  Roofing installation and repair
  Roofing supplies
  Satellite TV installation and repair
  Scrap metal collection and recycling
  Security firms (patrol, dispatch)
  Security systems installation and maintenance
  Sewer and Watermain inspection and repair services
  Sign and billboard installation
  Street Sweeping and washing
  Surveying Industry
  Telecommunications systems installation and repair
  Tire delivery
  Taxi services
  Trucking, Local Delivery
  Trucking, Long Haul (OTR)
  Vehicle delivery of demo & courtesy vehicles
  Vending machine installation and maintenance
  Uniform, mat rental and bathroom supplies
  Waste Disposal
  Water and fire damage cleanup and repair
  Water and beverage delivery
  Water treatment systems installation
  Window Cleaning
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