Geotab User Guide

9-pin Heavy Duty Harnesses

for Geotab GPS Tracking Systems


Depending on the diagnostics port in your vehicle, you may require an adapter in order to connect the Geotab GO device. This is dependent on the vehicle’s make, model, year which help us determine the port connection it has. However, a visual inspection to confirm the port is always recommended. 


9-pin Heavy Duty Straight Extension Harness

This harness is required to connect the Geotab GO tracking device to a North American heavy duty engine diagnostics (Deutsch connector) port; it is found mostly in older trucks. HRN-DS09S4 9-pin heavy duty harness


  • Used to extend the placement of the Geotab GO tracking device and moves the device out of the way  
  • Allows for convert and inaccessible installation

Length: 39 inches (100 cm)

Max length of connected cables: 6.5 feet (2 meters)


9-pin Universal Heavy Duty T-Harness

This multi-adapter harness kit is used for connecting the Geotab GO tracking device. For use in many heavy-duty international vehicles and comes with 4 various mounting adapters.


HRN-GS09K2 9-pin universal heavy duty t-harness



  • Allows the engine diagnostics (Deutsch connector) port to remain open for a mechanic to insert their own engine diagnostics scanner
  • 4 different mounting adapters correspond to different heavy-duty vehicles makes/models.
  • This harness moves the GO device out of the way
  • Required for vehicles where the engine diagnostics (Deutsch connector) location keeps the Getoab GO tracking device from establishing a secure connection
  • Allows for convert installation of the Geotab GO device under the vehicle’s dashboard while leaving the connector exposed

Length: 27 inches (68 cm)

Max length of connected cables: 6.5 feet (2 meters)



For any adapter or harness, please keep in mind that the GPS tracking unit must not be positioned where the signal will be completely blocked by metal.

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