All these industries can benefit from GPS tracking for vehicle tracking or fleet tracking:

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GPS vehicle tracking or also known as fleet tracking, vehicle tracking and asset tracking, is a cost cutting system that helps companies save money on fuel and labour costs as well as many other benefits.
Each company and industry uses fleet tracking for different reasons. Someone elses reasons for using fleet tracking may not be the same as your reasons, however we can show most companies a multi-fold return on investment immediately after installation. We have written testimonials to show the return on investment and the ease of use of the system. A brief 30 to 40 minute meeting is needed to determine how these benefits may apply to your company.
On a percentage basis we can help companies reduce fuel, labour and other costs, whether you have 2 trucks or 200 trucks.

All these industries can benefit from GPS tracking for vehicles / GPS fleet tracking:

1. Appliance repair
2. Cartage / Transport
3. Cleaning services
4. Construction
5. Courier / logistics
6. Delivery services (food, consumer goods, building / raw materials)
7. Electrical
8. General contracting
9. HVAC (heat, venting, Air Conditioning)
10. Irrigation (lawn sprinkler installation)
11. Landscaping / Snow Removal
12. Laundry / Linen / Uniform / Mat services
13. Paving / Road repair and maintenance
14. Pest control
15. Plumbing
16. Roofing
17. Security / Protection / Alarm
18. Sewer and watermain services
19. Towing
20. Waste Disposal
21. Waterproofing
22. Watermain (sewer & drain )

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