Automobile or Car Rental

Keep your rental assets safe and get paid what they are worth.

Car rental companies can use GPS Tracking to charge clients appropriately; for instance, when a client violates the contract by taking the car out of the province or state, drives beyond the maximum allowed distance, or even for driving above the speed limit.

GPS tracking equipment can be installed quickly and unobtrusively, so that car rental companies can know the client’s route and behavior.

As long ago as 2004, Marianne Sullivan, President of the Association for Car and Truck Independents and Franchisees, said a number of rental car companies had put GPS tracking systems in their vehicles in order to protect their vehicles from theft or misuse.

Glen Gibbons, editor of GPS World magazine, said that it has become very affordable to put very small GPS receivers on almost everything that moves.

Today, as the GPS industry predicted, more and more cars on the road are being equipped with a vehicle tracking device, and there are various good reasons to do so; from insurance purposes to asset management.

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