Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

There are many benefits To GPS Tracking. one of them is lower maintenance costs. When you track your vehicles, your drivers stay within posted speed limits, and this reduces engine and tire wear. Whats more, automatic and scheduling for regular service and maintenance can be set up, which means your vehicles are looked after better, and as a result stay in better condition, longer.

Another benefit when you track your vehicles is that you can minimize off-hours usage, further reducing your fuel and maintenance costs.

As a manager you can control your fleet better, because unauthorized usage is virtually eliminated due to the system identifying such activity and notifying you immediately.

Should one of your vehicles be stolen, it is immediately tracked and found. Alerts can also be set up to let you know if a vehicle moves outside of a geographical area that you decide on.

Ranking right up there as major benefits of our GPS Tracking systems is the ability to optimize routes by avoiding heavy traffic areas, real-time examination of routes so pickups and deliveries are made in proper sequence, and the ability to always know where your drivers are so you can alert customers of arrival times.

Another benefit is that many insurance companies offer a discount for companies with GPS Tracking. Monitored vehicles are looked after better, and drivers are more responsible, so bad driving habits are reduced, thus cutting back on accidents. And of course as stated earlier, theft of both vehicles and loads is reduced because you never lose track of them, again reducing insurance costs.

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