BeWhere – Integrated and Realtime Inventory Management Solution

BeWhere is a Canadian based solution.

How Does It Work?

BeWhere Asset Tracking

  1. The online website BeWhere application provides a map showing the location of the receiving device along with the location of the beacons (at the time of the reading) and the beacon data including:  proximity, battery level, latitude and longitude
    (also provides data such as: number of impacts, temperature, light exposure and speed)
  2. The devices (BeWhere beacons) transmit their own mapped position information as well as other beacon data, via  through Low Energy Bluetooth® (BLE) connection to a receiving device.
  3. The receiving device uses Wi-Fi or cellular mobile data connection gateway to transmit the information to a web based application.
    The receiving device can be :
  • GPS enabled smartphones or tablets (no charge for app), or
  • BLE/Wi-Fi Gateways, or
  • BLE/GPS tracking device in a vehicle
BeWhere Bluetooth Gateway

Bluetooth Gateway

BeWhere Bluetooth Beacon

Bluetooth Beacon

BeWhere phone



Here are the links to BeWhere mobile smartphone / mobile App, Android Google Play Store, Apple App Store

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