The biggest “bang for your buck”, is also the simplest, easiest tip, because employee labour costs are the biggest expense for most companies

According to most of my clients, the biggest “bang for your buck”, is also the simplest, easiest tip for using the GPS tracking system.
It’s human nature that employees are more productive when they know that they are being monitored.
The GPS tracking system can be your most cost effective tool to monitor “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay”.

Here’s the tip:

  1. Employees who call the drivers, should always keep a “live map” tracking system window or app open at all times
  2. Before calling the driver, this employee sees where the driver is located live on the tracking system map
  3. Now, the employee calls and speaks with the driver and says something like:
    “How are you doing Fred?  I see that you just left customer ABC and you are driving along the XYZ expressway…”

That’s it!  It’s a really simple tip, yet it has a tremendous return!
The office didn’t ASK  “Where are you Fred?“,  instead  Fred was TOLD where he is. 
Fred has been given a friendly reminder that the office knows what he is doing.
Now Fred will think twice about being unproductive, wasting time, claiming unnecessary overtime, personal use of the vehicle, or even possibly doing side jobs.

For most companies, employee labour costs are the biggest expense.
This simple tip, not only makes drivers more productive, but it also improves customer service.
The drivers also appreciate the elimination of the constant calls to ask “Where are you?”, because you know where they are!

Please forward this message to any of your employees or business associates who will benefit from this tip.

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