BlackBerry Radar Asset Tracking System

Blackberry Radar H2 and cargo sensor.

BlackBerry Radar Asset Tracking System allows you to use the state of the art BlackBerry Radar H2 tracking device to monitor your trailers, containers and other assets. The BlackBerry Radar tracking device is a ruggedized, easy to install device that can me attached and used on your assets in minutes. The device is self contained with a built in battery that lasts up to 6 years of use and various sensors for improved functionality. BlackBerry utilizes their state of the art technology and vast experience to create a device that is fully featured and perfect for tracking your assets.

The BlackBerry Radar H2 Tracker can be fully integrated into the Geotab tracking system or be used on the standalone BlackBerry Radar tracking platform. The Geotab integration will allow you to view all your vehicles and assets in the MyGeotab platform all on the same map.


Here are some key features of the BlackBerry Radar H2 asset tracker:

  • Fully ruggedized, with IP67 dust and water protection, shock, UV, and impact resistant.
  • Ability to track door open/close, container on/off, using the state of the are built-in sensors.
  • Easy installation within 10 minutes, no wiring required.
  • Long-lasting battery life, up to 6 years of life-based of reporting of sensor events and once a day location ping.
  • Option to add sensors for cargo capacity and temperature.

The BlackBerry Radar H2 asset tracker is also designed to be fully scalable allowing you to add sensors such as the BlackBerry Radar cargo sensor. The cargo sensor allows for the following:

  • Wireless communication with the H2 device, allowing for easy installation and optimum placement.
  • Spatial sensors, allow you to see how much of your cargo space is being utilized
  • Environmental sensors for temperature, humidity, and pressure, can be used to track refrigerated trailers.
  • Ambient light sensors.
  • Fully ruggedized with the same ratings as the H2 asset tracker and with up to 6 years of battery life.

The BlackBerry Radar H2 and Cargo sensor provide a complete, easy to use solution for tracking your assets. The long battery and ruggedized hardware allows for use in any conditions. Combined with the easy to use wire-free installation, the BlackBerry Radar system is perfect for use in any fleet. 





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