Nimbus Bus App and Public Transport Tracking App

Bus ETA – Real-Time Updates and Arrival Times

Nimbus helps passengers and transport managers plan rides, distribute routes and control their execution. It makes it possible to manage and track public transportation. 

The application allows you:

  • to distribute units (vehicles) by routes;
  • to monitor rides online;
  • to control adherence to the schedules;
  • to track the unit on the route;
  • to create notifications about events during the ride;
  • to execute reports on rides.

Nimbus is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows both the manager and passengers to keep track of routes, vehicles and time in one app. 

Nimbus for Fleet Managers: 

Nimbus allows public transport fleet managers to create, manage and distribute routes to users.

Create stops:

The Nimbus app allows you to create all your stops in one page. The stops are defined as a geofence or zone on a map. When a vehicle enters the defined zone and stops, the system will register the vehicle as arriving at the stop. The size of the zone can be defined by the fleet manager. 

Manage routes:

The fleet manager in the Nimbus application can create routes from the stops create. Each stop can be assigned a time of arrival and schedules. Fleet managers can also assign vehicles to routes and schedules, meaning different schedules can have different vehicles and a single route can have multiple vehicles assigned to it.

Distribute routes to users:

The Nimbus app allows the fleet manager to send routes to users using locator links. Locator links are links that users can go to see their route and the progress of the vehicle on the route. Fleet managers can group certain routes and send the locator links of the group. This can be useful if different users are using different types of transportation.

Nimbus for passengers and users:

Passengers and users can receive locator links for the fleet managers. The locator links allow the passenger to know the schedule, routes, and location of the vehicle. Users can track real-time when the vehicle is approaching a stop. The schedule is adjusted based on how early or late the vehicle was to the previous stop to improve accuracy. 

 Nimbus is a feature of GPS Tracking Canada Wialon platform

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