Tracking Business vs Personal use in GPSTracks

Tracking Business vs Personal use in GPSTracks can be very important for employee productivity and also for tax and regulation purposes. Even if you allow personal use as a benefit for employment, it is good to know how much they are using the unit and track the wear and tear that is being put on your vehicles. Hopefully, they are not abusing this perk and taking advantage of your generosity.

There are two ways to keep tracks of personal use of the vehicles.

1. Geofence Alert: They are geographical areas that can drawn on the map. This creates a virtual fence. Whenever a vehicle crosses employee’s home geofence. An alert can be sent out immediately through text message, email or computer screen. A geofence report can also be scheduled to be sent on daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

home genfence

The geofence can be turned on only for the after hours.

geofence settings

2. Report: The GPSTracks system has working hours summary reports. Please see the following sample PDF report. Rules may vary for each region, however these reports provide you with a summary of your trips and distances driven for each trip.

Working hours can be a defined time period in the system prior to printing the working hours summary reports. This allows the system to determine when the vehicle is being used for work, if the vehicles are travelling during work hours.

working hours summary report settings

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