Calamp LMU 1230, 20 pin, GPS Tracking Device

For cars, trucks, off road vehicles and machinery.

from GPS Tracking Canada


Calamp LMU 1230 is an low powered vehicle tracking device designed to be adaptable for multiple use cases such as vehicle tracking and trailer tracking. The LMU-1230 large internal battery allows for long term tracking without have to be connected to any power source. The LMU-1230 utilizes the state of the art 4G LTE CAT-M network, allowing for faster transmission rates, better battery life and protection against any future 3G network sunsets.


Using the Calamp 20 pin adapter, the LMU 1230 can be used for 3 different types of installation:

  1. Direct plug n play OBD 2 installation for any vehicles manufactured from 1996.
  2. Cigarette lighter port or Auxiliary port installation. Allowing you to install the track on a regular vehicle 12v auxiliary port.
  3. Direct 3-wire (power, ground, ignition) covert installation. Requires a professional installer.

Features of LMU-1230 (20-pin):

  • Compact size, similar to the width and height of a credit card and as thin as a deck of cards. W 2.10 x L 3.80 x T .77” (53.4 x 96.6 x 19.5 mm)
  • Multiple connectors allowing you to pick the best solution for you vehicles and business needs
  • 1400 MAH built in lithium ion battery for long battery life
  • Built-in, triple-axis (motion sensing, tilt detection) for detecting movement. Can be used to setup alerts for moving with ignition switched off in case of theft
  • Powerful GPS Receiver with GLONASS, SBAS Engine (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN) support

For more information and specification sheet, please see the following page:

* note spec sheet is for regular LMU 1230. The connectorized version has the 20 pin adapter and larger internal battery.

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