Calamp Device Warranty 

Device warranty:

Calamp devices come with  a robust warranty. All Calamp devices come with 1 year limited device warranty. With over 10M+ units active around the world and over 16 offices across the world, Calamp is one of the largest manufacturer of telematics devices in the world that provide high quality tracking hardware that can be used in a variety of applications.  The warranty claims are handled directly through us. In the unlikely event that the device malfunctions, we will ask the manufacturer to issue an RMA. Once they have approved, we will ship you a refurbished or new unit free of cost with an additional 1 year warranty. All you have to do is send the malfunctioning device back to us. Please note, that Calamp has right to void the warranty if they find that the device has been tampered with or been damaged in anyway. The limited device warranty does not cover water or physical damage.

We have many Calamp units in operation over 5+ years at GPS Tracking Canada. Calamp was founded in the United States and has been in the telematics business since 1981.  The units get an automatic update over the air, to keep them current. 

This is why we at GPS Tracking Canada have chosen to use the Calamp devices for our clients. With the Calamp devices we can provide highly reliable and fully customizable devices that fit our clients business needs.

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