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Fleets of all sizes are doing a better job at ‘understanding the drive,’ so to speak, thanks in part to technology provided by Geotab. Not your typical telematics provider, Geotab has racked up a few miles of its own in M2M (machine-to-machine), helping fleets make business sense of driver-performance data. The company entered this market roughly 15 years ago from the perspective of helping fleets record the highest quality data possible from vehicles in order to report more accurate and useful information. Rather than giving companies spreadsheets filled with data, Geotab’s technology is designed to supply users with real information that caters to the business aspect of telematics, helping them perform actions like exception monitoring and management, just to name a few. Selling through channel partners, Geotab’s technology has become the right fit for any size fleet, ranging from large logistics companies, to companies with only a handful of vehicles. Its hardware can be equipped to any type of vehicle, and the platform is scalable enough to cater to any size or type of fleet. In all, its technology is helping users understand the ways in which drivers are operating their vehicles. For fleet-management companies, the value proposition is around helping a vehicle operate at the lowest running cost per mile. This includes gaining insights into how customers are using fuel, where they are buying fuel, and identifying the average mile-per-gallon rate, among other metrics.

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