GPS Tracking As A Cost Cutting Tool

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GPS Tracking can be a very useful cost-cutting tool allowing you to get more data and measurements leading to better utilization of your vehicle. There are many ways one can use GPS Tracking to overall reduce the costs in the business. 

Here are a few key ways GPS Tracking can be used to reduce costs:

1. Ability to manage your fleet anytime from anywhere :

GPS Tracking allows you to keep an eye on your vehicle at any time from anywhere where you have internet. This allows you to work with a smaller team to manage your fleet from anywhere. This allows you to reduce the number of staff required for fleet management and save the time required to track down your vehicles when you need to. The advantage of tracking your vehicle is the ability to recover your vehicle in case of theft. This is especially important for smaller businesses, where losing one vehicle can have devastating consequences on your day to day operations. 

2. Allows you to verify the Timesheets of your employee:

The biggest value that our GPS Tracking system provides is the ability to get an automatically emailed employee timesheet showing when the driver started and ended their day, as well as the locations they have visited. 

The employee timesheet allows you to verify your employee’s work hours and make sure that it’s accurate. The automatically emailed timesheet also reduces the time taken to get the work hours from individual drivers by making the process automatic. It also allows you to see if the employees are wasting time during the day with unscheduled breaks and stops.

3. Reduce wear and tear on your vehicles:

GPS Tracking systems also allow you to reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle. This will reduce unscheduled maintenance costs and allow your vehicles to be on the road as long as possible.  You want your vehicles to work as long as possible to maximize profitability. Having a GPS tracking system on your vehicles, allows you to make sure that the vehicles are being driven efficiently.

GPS tracking will allow you to track:

All of this can be managed through the excellent alerts and notification system in Geotab.

4. Allows you to track your fuel usage and fuel cost:

Our GPS Tracking system can track the vehicle’s fuel usage in detail. This includes information such as avg fuel economy, fuel fill-ups, fuel tank capacity, etc. Fuel is the largest overall cost item for fleets. Keeping track of your fleet fuel usage can immensely reduce costs in the long run. Using reports such as avg fleet fuel economy and fuel usage per vehicle, fleet managers can decide how to utilize their fleets more efficiently. 

GPS tracking will reduce your cost:

From our many years of experience in the industry, we found that a GPS Tracking system almost always pays for itself. Most of our clients decide to purchase a tracking system because it is a cost-cutting tool.

GPS Tracking will help you reduce the following costs:

  • Time Theft: The employee timesheet will allow you to track your employee’s hours, reducing payroll costs. This is the most effective and quickest way we have seen our clients get a return on investment.
  • Improve Efficiency: A tracking system will allow you to make sure your vehicles are driven more efficiently, reducing fuel costs, idling cost and other vehicle maintenance expenditures. 
  • Reduce Accidents and Insurance Premiums: Many insurance companies provide discounts on their premiums if your vehicle is equipped with GPS Tracking. Therefore, you can realize an immediate return on investment for equipping your vehicle with GPS Tracking.  Furthermore, GPS Tracking allows you to detect and reconstruct accidents, allowing you to have data to make sure exactly who was at fault during an accident and keep your insurance records clean. 

With all the savings and advantages of a GPS Tracking system, you can see that the system is valuable even for a single vehicle. We at GPS Tracking Canada deal with a variety of fleet sizes and types. Our expertise comes from making sure all our clients take advantage of the benefits of GPS Tracking. 

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