Custom Reports in Geotab

Geotab allows you to create customize report. All Geotab built in reports can be changed and edited using Microsoft Excel. Using Excel to create custom reports allows for limitless options for analyzing your fleet and driver behavior. Using Microsoft Excel, you can include fleet metrics, charts, formulas, and even match your organization’s color scheme for customer facing reports. The following options are available for customizing reports:

  • Make changes to templates using Microsoft Excel.
  • Configure user-level access to individual reports.
  • Set custom reports as a dashboard.
  • Control how often a dashboard is automatically refreshed.
  • Schedule reports to be emailed to users.

Here are a few example of custom reports we have created for the client:


Here are the steps to customize a report,

1. Download the report from your database to your computer. Navigate to Administration –> Reports –> Report Views –> “your report”, and click on the Excel icon on the right hand side to download the report:

Report step 1

2. Open the downloaded file and on top, select Enable Editing and modify the report:

Report step 2

3. Right click on data tabs at the bottom, Unhide Report tab or Data tab as necessary:

Unhide data tab

4. After you save the modified Excel file on your computer, you can upload it to your database: Navigate to Administration –> Reports –> Report Views, and select “Add Excel File” on top of the page:

Report step 35. Drop your file or click to select them on the space that appeared:

Report step 4

6. Your new report is uploaded to the system. All you have to do adjust the settings from the prompted tabs: Make sure you select “Yes” for “Show report in dropdown list” under “report view” tab, as well as adjusting the “Email report” tab to your liking so you receive it in your email:

More Advanced reports in MyGeotab,

Please click the following link for the official Geotab product guide

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