Cummins Connected Diagnostics with Geotab

Cummins Connected DiagnosticsCummins Connected Diagnostics with Geotab allows you to get a deeper insight into the engine data from you Cummins powered vehicle. The system is designed so that the Geotab device will instantly send any engine codes or engine fault data directly to the Cummins system. After which the Cummins will analyze and apply their own diagnostics data and provide actionable intelligence on your vehicle. Cummins will send you the report on your engine directly on the tracking system or through email. This report will contain and expert analysis and clear recommendations to help you increase up time of your vehicle and perform preventative maintenance.

The advantages of the Cummins Connected Diagnostics are:

  • Fully integrated with the Geotab GO device and MyGeotab platform. This allows the Geotab GO device to send the data to Cummins directly Geotab GO Device.
  • Detailed Information: Rather than relying on simple check engine light, you will get access to a fully detailed report with estimated remaining life of certain wear items which only Cummins can provide.
  • Connected Support: The Diagnostics system will automatically identify the nearest Cummins dealer or certified expert, so that you file will have the correct parts number ready and your customer care representative will be able more accurately diagnose your issue.


Cummins Connected Diagnostics requires the Geotab Pro Plus plan This means in addition to having instant access to your engine Diagnostics, you will receive fully animated live tracking, 24/7 customer support, lifetime warranty on your Geotab devices and many other features. The Cummins Connected Diagnostics system with Geotab, will help you with preventative maintenance, reduce downtime of your vehicle and make sure you are always aware of the health of your Cummins powered fleet.

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