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Frequently Asked Questions on Dashboard Graphs

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Q: When I click on the Dashboard graph in MyGeotab, the Excel report that pops up has different values than what the graph shows, why is this?

A: The reason you see the different values is that the Dashboard graph refreshes as per its defined schedule, which is setup under the Enable Dashboard options, while the data in the Excel report is refreshed as soon as you click on the graph. If you feel that you need the dashboard to have more real time values then  you can go into the Enable Dashboard options and change the refresh schedule.

Q: Why are some of the graphs in the dashboard bigger/smaller than others? Can this be changed?

A: In previous versions of Mygeotab the dashboards would all  be on size. As of 5.6, this is no longer the case. MyGeotab 5.6 automatically sizes the graph so that it best illustrates the information in the clearest and most concise way. This is not something the user can change.

Q: My Custom Report Graph is not showing up on the Dashboard but I have enabled the Dashboard option.

A: There are three possible reasons:

  • You see part of an Excel sheet: MyGeotab will display the last sheet you are on when you saved and closed the Excel File. You must have focused on the graph before closing in order for it to be displayed.
  • You see the box but you only get an error message: MyGeotab has a built in Dashboard timeout to avoid issues caused by overly large reports. The timeout value is 2minutes so if the report takes more than two minutes to run and extract the graph then you will get a TimeOut error.
  • Nothing shows up: make sure that you or a group you belong to are added under viewers and that the correct asset groups are selected.
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