GPS Tracking Canada’s Fleet Management Systems Improve Field Worker Productivity

Fleet tracking enables service companies such as Electrical Contractors to lower costs, improve their productivity and increase their revenue. The electrical services industry is labour intensive; the productivity of your field workers and the way assets are utilized are two of the most significant cost variables such businesses face daily.

During an outage, people want their electricity restored as soon as possible. In order to direct drivers to an outage, electrical contractors need up to date information about where their vehicles are. GPS Tracking Canada’s GPS solution provides contractors with vehicle location information and precise mapping, making it easy to communicate routes.

With your fleet management in place, information regarding times, locations and vehicles are gathered for you, making it possible to accurately report payroll and total job cost as well as improve customer service. You will have access to maps and reports that show the location and history for field workers, promoting a greater sense of accountability among your crew.

GPS Tracking Canada’s customers often use our daily time sheet reports as a virtual punch card to account for employee hours. Using the reporting tools that are part of the GPS solution, electrical contractors are able to account for actual hours worked, saving tens of thousands of dollars.

GPS Tracking Canada’s Fleet tracking solution allows you to know where your service crews are at all times, so you can more accurately estimate when they will arrive at a customer location. This improves customer service and operational efficiencies that can drive your business forward.

Electrical Contractors are using GPS Vehicle Tracking products and services from GPS Tracking Canada to:

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Increase response time to new and emergency service calls
  • Validate time spent on the jobsite for both customers and employees
  • Lower insurance costs fleet wide
  • Improve billing and customer service
  • Increase productivity

Learn how GPS Tracking Canada’s Fleet tracking systems can benefit you.

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