Geotab GPS tracking Systems

Plug and Play Installation


Installation of a Geotab GO device in your light duty vehicle takes less than a minute!

Once installed, a GO device needs to download the latest firmware in order to activate.  This normally takes 10-15 minutes in an area of good cellular coverage. Effective July 5, 2021, GO9s (and newer devices) will be considered activated once they are plugged in and receive their in-field updated firmware (~12 minutes duration). Device activation will no longer require additional driving time.**

NOTE: ensure you check that the device is securely installed into your OBDII port:



If the installed GO device is protruding and might interfere with driver access, because it may be hit by a knee or a shoe, then repositioning the GO device is a simple process, if the GO device is connected to an OBDII engine diagnostics port.

Most OBDII ports are attached to the vehicle frame with two or even one single screw.

Remove the screw(s) which attach the OBDII port to the vehicle frame, so that it hangs loose
Attach the GO device to the OBDII port, and turn the GO device 90 degrees so that it is facing to the right or left side, but do not turn the GO device 180 degrees to face the rear (because signal reception / transmission may be compromised)
Secure the OBDII port with a simple twist tie or plastic lock tie or electrical tape

Unresponsive unit:

Geotab GO device Troubleshooting Procedure


Please contact us if you are experiencing issues.


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