Using Flex Solar Tracker For Tracking Trailers

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GPS Tracking Canada is proud to provide different solutions for your tracking needs. One such solution we are providing is the Flex Solar Tracker. The Flex Solar Tracker is a solar-powered device that is ideal for use on assets that stay outdoors for a long time. This means you can track your trailers as well as your vehicles. Furthermore, the Flex devices are fully integrated into the Geotab tracking system, allowing you to track your vehicles and trailers in one system. 

Here’s how the solution is being used by one of our biggest clients.


The client is a large supply chain company that has warehouses and distribution centers nationwide. They have a fleet of over 100 trucks and over 30 trailers. The client originally came to us for tracking their trucks and vans nationwide. They have over 20 users on the systems and have different managers at different locations to manage their vehicles. The whole system is managed through the companies fleet manager. The client takes advantage of the groups and subgroups feature in Geotab to organize their vehicles according to departments and locations. 


The client came to us looking for a solution to track their 30+ trailers. Some of these trailers are also leased, therefore adding to the complexity of the requirements.

They wanted:

  • Long battery life
  • No physical wiring of the device
  • Ability to track at a high frequency while in motion
  • Fully integrated into the Geotab system
  • Easily transferable to other trailers at the end of lease


We looked into many different solutions for the client but ultimately decided on Flex Solar Trackers. This was the perfect solution that met the client’s criteria. Using the solar tracking system, we were able to provide the client with a long battery life for his tracking. Therefore, the device is not required to be hardwired to the trailers and thus gets rid of the issue of the long installation process. Furthermore, this allows the client to transfer the device to different trailers at the end of their lease. Another reason why the Flex Solar Tracker solution was ideal for the client was that this solution is fully integrated into the Geotab system. Therefore, the client can track his trucks as well as his trailers in the best in class telematics system. 

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