Ford Geotab OEM Telematics

Built-in OEM Telematics Integrated Into Geotab

Geotab and Ford has partnered together to integrated  solution that works with the factory fitted telematics modem in all modern Ford vehicles. This requires no new hardware or installation.

Features included in the Ford Geotab OEM integrations: 

Most features of the Geotab platform will be available to users of the Ford integration. This means that you will be able to utilize the award winning MyGeotab platform to manage your vehicles fleets.

This includes:

Fleet optimization

    • Manage fuel consumption
    • Track fuel consumption, fuel used, diesel exhaust fluid and much more
    • Tire pressure
    • Excessive idling alert
    • Monitor engine data and fault codes


    •  Vehicle inspections
    • Private vs. business use
    • Supports corporate sustainability
    • Detailed GPS tracking
    • Exception rules
    • Trips & activity reports
    • Easy dispatching


    • Increase fuel efficiency
    • Optimize routes to reduce miles driven
    • Reduce vehicle idling
    • Coach drivers on best practices
    • Track CO2 emissions
    • Manage vehicle repairs

Utilize a vast data set to manage your fleet:

With the Geotab Ford OEM telematics integrations, you will have the ability to view most of the critical data from a Ford vehicle right on the Geotab database. You can create alerts and notifications based on the data. Some examples of notifications you can utilize include:

  • Low tire pressure warning to detect flat tires and make sure your tires are in the optimum pressure rage
  • Seatbelt usage
  • Engine oil temperature warning, to get notified if you vehicle is over heating.

Here is a document outlining all the data available in the Geotab Ford OEM telematics integration. 

The following vehicles are eligible: 

  • Most 2019 or newer Ford Fleet Vehicles. 
  • Only US and Canadian vehicles that has  Fleet Identification Number (FIN) are eligible.

* VIN needs to be verified to confirmed. 


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