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Fuel BI stands for Fuel Business Intelligence. Fuel BI is a third party add-on that offers automatic integration of fuel cards and the Geotab platform including security as an add-in or web application.

Geotab Fuel BI

It allows you to view all of your company’s important fuel KPIs in the dashboard and visualize the transactions on a map. Track down suspicious transactions with over 50 types of alerts. The system utilizes over 14 different patterns to match fuel your fuel card to a vehicle, so all fleet operations can continue as normal. It is fully automated and handles all of your daily transactions from your fuel card provider.

Fuel BI offers:

  • Automatic fuel card transactions that are processed daily to provide you with the most up to date information.
  • Configurable alerts for email or display by day, week, or month.
  • Get true costs per litre and cost per kilometre by vehicle. Get true idling costs with and without auxiliaries included.
  • Fuel spillage calculated by location analysis and by fuel spent versus fuel purchased.

Fuel BI supports multiple fuel card providers and accounts on a single customer account in Fuel BI. Getting started is as easy as signing an authorization form. Fuel BI currently supports:

  • Fleetcor/Fuelman (Shell) – Also corporate fleet MasterCard, can be used at any gas station.
  • WEX (Esso, Pioneer and 7Eleven)

Please contact us for your specific fuel card integration availability.

For more information about Fuel BI, please click the following link https://marketplace.geotab.com/solutions/fleet-hoster-fuel-bi

* 3rd party add-on will incur additional monthly charge

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