Fuel Card Integration

Fuel card transactions can be manually or automatically (for an additional fee) imported into your database. This allows you to verify your transactions, identify possible fraud, and centralize your data.

You can use any fuel card providers data. The data need to be manually exported from you fuel card providers system and imported to Geotab in the specific format and file type supported by Geotab (xlsx, xlsm, csv). You may need to modify the data to make it compatible with the supported format before importing it in to Geotab. If you were to use a fuel card provided by WEX , who provides fuel cards for Esso in Canada, the data will be in the format for Geotab and can be directly imported into Geotab without any modification.

To clarify about the manual fuel card integration that is included in Geotab Pro Plan. After your are done importing your fuel card data, you can produce a fuel mismatch report that allows you to identify the following key metrics:

Geotab Fill up

1. Invalid Fill up: When there is a fuel transaction recorded on the fuel card but the tracking system did not detect any fill ups for the vehicle. Image above shows that telematics (tracking device) did not detect a fill up. however there was a transaction in reported on the fuel cards. This is possible in cases where employee used card to fill up their personal vehicles.

Geotab Invalid Fill Up

This image shows invalid volume and location

2. Invalid location: When there location for the fuel card transaction, does not match the location where the vehicle was filled up. Someone else is using the fuel card.

3. Invalid Fill up volume: When the system detects that the fill up was greater the the tank capacity of the vehicles. For example if the driver was filling up his boat at the same time.

Once the system compare the fuel transaction. it can be setup to produce a mismatch report. This way you can detect any fraudulent transactions. The image below shows, how the data from the fuel mismatch report is visualized.

Geotab Fuel Card Mismatch

After the fuel card transactions are imported into the system, the system can produce a fuel mismatch report showing any mismatch in fuel fill ups. It could possible save you from fuel theft.

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