Geofences and Customer Visits



Zones or “geofence”. can be a very useful tool for employee productivity and is included in the system. They are specially useful tracking customer visits.

Here is what you can do with Geofences in Wialon:

  • Geofences are user configurable areas on the map that let you know where your vehicles are going to be located. It is especially use for areas that the vehicles will travel to/from on a regular basis (i.e HQ, Customers) . You can add as many as you like and tweak it to fit the location.

If your vehicle is stopped at any location outside of a zone, the system will note what street address they are located at. If they are stopped within a zone, the system will display the name of that zone instead.

Zones can be used to track how long you drivers spend at a given customers and how many time they have visited the customer. This can be helpful in evaluating job costs and scheduling.

  • Zones are also helpful when it comes to reports – The zone name is displayed on the report rather than a street address, you can quickly see when they were in a recognized place, and you don’t have to worry about matching up a street address to the client.
  • Geofences allow you make rules that track your vehicles in and around a zone and get notifications when the rules are triggered. For instance, you can be alerted when your vehicles enter or exit a zone.
    • Many of our clients want advance notice when their vehicle is leaving a customer’s address, so that they can know how far along in their work the drivers are, or so that they know when to prepare the next shipment.
    • Many of our clients have vehicles that go to known areas regularly, but do not actually stop their vehicles. The system does not recognize these as “stops” because the vehicles did not stay still long enough, and did not turn off their ignition. However with zones, they can still get a report that shows when their vehicle entered, exited and how long they spent there.
  • You can be alerted if a vehicle spends too long inside a zone -for example, if you have a local Tim Hortons as a zone, you can be alerted if your guys spend more than 5 minutes there.


Zones can also be used with the Timesheet report:

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