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Geotab Checkmate 5.6

General Overview – 1 Hour

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This video is a good general overview of the new Geotab Checkmate web based software version 5.6.

To watch in 720 High Definition, press the “play” button, then:

  click on the “sprocket symbol” above in the bottom right corner of video and select 720p

To watch full screen:  

  Right click on on the video and select menu option “pop out”

In the new window, click the expand full screen box symbol in the top right corner

Deciding which GPS fleet management software to use that is both reliable and can be customized to fit your management requirements can be challenging. Geotab’s vehicle tracking solutions have significantly improved the bottom line of many organizations, including numerous Fortune 500 companies

Software as a service

Geotab provides on-demand web applications that you can use from your browser from any location, with built in tools to keep your data secure.

Web-Hosted & Industry Leading

MyGeotab – a free, cloud based fleet management solution is available at no extra cost to all Geotab customers. The software can be easily accessed from any location and from a variety of mobile devices, including iPad’s and iPhones. The software is scalable and can be customized for small, medium, or enterprise-level fleets.

Enhanced user Experience

+ A completely redeveloped web application that is much faster, easier to use, and more flexible than ever before.

+ Best fleet management practices automated at the click of a button

+ Guide to help getting started and integrated help

+ Easy to use and intuitive

+ Multi-language options: English, French, and Spanish

Dashboard and Emailed Reports

+ Over 30 template reports designed by experts to improve your business

+ Open these reports in Excel

+ Report customization using Excel means anyone can write their own reports

+ Powerful dashboards based on customizable Excel graphs

+ View in PDF

+ Trending reports now available

Zones and Maps

+ Various map types: Bing, OpenStreetMaps and most web based 3rd party maps can be integrated

+ Show traffic

+ Create and edit zones

+ Add and view routes and compare actual vs. planned

+ View trips history

Drivers and Activity

+ Risk management reporting

+ Speed graphs

+ Drivers congregating

+ IFTA miles

+ View accidents and log data

Engine and Maintenance

+ In-depth engine data for fleets to diagnose vehicle problems

+ Fuel usage report

+ Set maintenance reminders

Rules and Groups

+ Set many types of notifications for rule violations

+ Create driver rules and exceptions

+ Powerful hierarchical grouping and aggregation/ summarizing of data

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