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Creating a Zone Report for Situations Where the Vehicle Does Not Stop in the Zone:

The Checkmate system has the ability to create a zone report to show vehicle activity in the zone. The vehicle is flagged as being in the zone if there is an ignition on or off.  If there is no ignition on/off, but the vehicle is stopped for 200 seconds or greater (even with the engine idling), then Checkmate will register activity in the zone.

In some industries, such as snow removal, the vehicle enters the zone, does work in the zone, but it is never stopped for 200 seconds or greater and there is no ignition off/on.  In these situations, two  rules (also known as exceptions) need to be created in Checkmate. One rule to identify vehicle entry and the other to identify vehicle exit.

If you need help in creating the entry and exit rule, please reference this information:

Creating an Exception Rule in Checkmate.

Note:    There are three types of rules: Driving Behaviour, Engine Thresholds and Engine Faults. You will need to setup a Driving Behaviour rule for zone entry and one for zone exit.

In addition to creating the two rules, you will need to upload a customized report to your Checkmate database.

If you need help in how to upload a custom Excel report to Checkmate, you can find information here:

How To Import a Custom Excel Report to Checkmate

You can find the custom Excel file you need to upload for this report here:

Generic Time in Zone – Exceptions Detail Report

Once you have the rules setup and vehicle zone activity has taken place, you can create the report.

See document below for complete instructions:

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Click here to view full screen or download.

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