Features and benefits of

Geotab Checkmate GPS Tracking System

connectivity to Garmin auto navigator

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Features and Benefits of connectivity to Garmin auto navigator:
  1. A method of communicating with drivers for a fraction of the cost of cell phones .
  2. Safer than writing information while driving .
  3. Reduced errors resulting in wasted time / wages .
  4. GPS navigation for the driver reduces time spent searching for destination, by providing both visual and audible directions to the driver. .
  5. Geotab GO4 powers Garmin – ignition on = Garmin on – the GO4 can indicate driver tampering .
  6. Exception notification (rules broken) displayed on Garmin can help change unwanted driver behavior, ie. speeding and idling .
  7. Certain Garmin models can display traffic information and can optionally reroute based on traffic conditions .
  8. The office can send daily routes to the driver, which will be route optimized. The office can then compared the route they submitted to the Garmin, vs. the route the driver actually took. .
  9. When using the optional driver keys, Checkmate can information to a specific driver, via the Garmin, regardless which vehicle the driver is in. .
  10. Messages can be sent to/from the driver in either in canned or free form format .
  11. The Customer has the choice of activating the Garmin in “safe mode” so that device can not be used while the vehicle is in motion. .
  12. Checkmate allows users to review messages that have been sent and received in one place grouped by driver/vehicle, for ease of readability. Other GPS tracking/Garmin systems group messages sent/received in chronological order, which is harder to read and understand over multiple messages, over time, in multiple conversations. .
  13. Checkmate uses audit logs to verify when messages were sent and received. This improves communication, resolves issues and pools and important information in one place. .
  14. The Garmin device allows the driver to communicate their status to the offices, ie.: available, at customer, breakdown, off duty, emergency etc. This status information can be used by the dispatcher to know where to send the next job.

The Geotab Checkmate GPS Tracking system is one of the most customizable systems on the market today.

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