Geotab Drive Smartphone App

Geotab Drive is a smartphone app for DVIR, Driver ID, Disptach, Routing, Messaging and Fuel tracking, at no extra charge if you are on Base, HOS, Pro, Proplus plan.


Geotab Drive Easy to Use Dashboard

Geotab Drive communicates between the Geotab GO tracking device and the mobile smartphone and works in conjunction with MyGeotab software to provide useful Driver solutions.

Geotab Drive main features:

  1. Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  2. Driver Identification
  3. Messaging
    1. Free form messaging
    2. Dispatch and routing
    3. Rule based driver alerts
  4. Add-Ins, ie.Fuel Tracker – Track fuel purchases in Geotab Drive:

The Geotab Drive app is available as a free download for Apple and Android from the Apple and Google Play stores:

Google Play store

Apple App store

Geotab Drive | How to Video – Guide for DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report)

The Geotab Drive app also does messaging, as shown in these video:


Through this video walkthrough of Geotab Drive, learn how to access and utilize messaging  within the app. Through the Inbox, view current messages and those that were previously sent through the Send page. Learn how to create a message to be sent dispatchers through the Compose page. If your smartphone or tablet device is equipped with appropriate (GPS) location services dispatching abilities, messages for directions to locations can be received.

The Geotab Drive App list of features for all Geotab service plans:

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