Geotab Drive vs KeepTruckin ELD

Geotab Drive ELDThere are many ELD providers out in the market right now. We at GPS Tracking Canada partner with Geotab to provide the Geotab Drive ELD solution. Here is a brief comparison of Geotab Drive vs KeepTruckin ELD solutions.

Geotab Drive was built from the ground up to be part of the number one telematics platform by Geotab. This means that Geotab Drive ELD solution in included free of charge with the Geotab Pro monthly service plan. Geotab has also been in ELD market for over 5 years and has gained the confidence of the United States Federal government by landing the largest telematics contract ever awarded to a single provider.  

Here is the key difference between Geotab Drive and KeepTruckin ELD platforms:

  1. Geotab Drive ELD comes free of cost with Regulatory plan or higher. This pricing includes ELD, the MyGeotab tracking platform and the full suite of features that is allows for. This mean the Geotab Drive ELD solution give you more bang for the buck than any other ELD solution in the market. To see what’s included in the Geotab plans, see our service plan comparison
  2. All plans that are compatible with Geotab Drive ELD solution also allows you to access the fully fledged MyGeotab telematics platform. This means the user can take advantage of the state-of-the-art tracking system with features such as automatically emailed reports, alerts, notifications, geofences and more. In contrast, KeepTruckin does not offer full telematics data at their basic plans, only ELD compliance. 
  3. The Geotab GO device and MyGeotab platform work in a fully integrated fashion, taking advantage of the Geotab patented curve algorithm  allowing you to get the most accurate second by second data on your map. This will allow you to see the vehicle trip as it is, not as straight line cutting through buildings. 
  4. The Geotab system can be enhanced with the robust Geotab Marketplace add-ons. Meaning you can add various add-on’s for fleet management such as Cummins connected diagnostics, fleetcam, and many others.
  5. Geotab and GPS Tracking Canada does focus on locking you in a contract pricing system, therefore you can purchase the hardware and service separately and cancel anytime. We have no activation fees and have the option for direct 24/7 support with online chat and live telephone agents. Our customers stay for the excellent Canadian customer service and best in class tracking and ELD system. 

Pricing comparison: The Geotab Drive system is generally less expensive than the KeepTruckin system. KeepTruckin ties the clients into a minimum two year agreement, while Geotab and GPS Tracking Canada does not require any contract. Moreover, when comparing a the Geotab Drive capable plans with similar KeepTruckin pro plan, the Geotab Drive system with the Geotab GO device is cheaper over the term of the contract. Please contact a GPS Tracking Canada rep for more information. 

The Geotab Drive ELD is one of the most comprehensive hours of service systems on the market right now. Using the Geotab ELD solution, you get access to the number one telematics solution on the market all the features of a full telematics systems. Furthermore, Geotab and GPS Tracking Canada are a fully Canadian based company that provide exceptional customer service and state of the art products. 


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