Geotab Driver Challenge Add On

Geotab Marketplace has a very innovative add on called Driver Challenge. This optional add on allows you to gamify your fleet driving to and monitor your drivers driving behavior. This add on works with all Geotab plans, but to get the most efficient driver behaviour management we recommend the Geotab Pro plan. This will enable you to monitor erratic driving, seat belt usage and accidents, among other engine data. 

What is Gamification:

Gamification is the use of game-design elements and gaming principles in a situation that is not related to gaming. This can include things like leader boards, achievement and reward points, and competition to increase productivity. Many large companies like HP, Google, Ford have applied this concept to increase their employee productivity and engagement.

How does Driver Challenge add on work:

The Driver Challenge add on integrates in the MyGeotab tracking platform. The system will use the built in Geotab alerts to create a driver valuation system, therefore it requires very little setup.

  • Once the alerts are pulled into the Driver Challenge add on, you can set weights for each type of violation. This will be used in the calculation for drive scoring.
  • The driver will be ranked based on their driving behaviour and weights set on the system
  • The drivers will be able to see their ranking and score amongst their colleagues in the Geotab Drive app.
  • The drivers will be able to see which areas they need to improve on to achieve a higher score.
  • The Driver Challenge add on will also award badges and medals to the driver giving them more incentive to drive better. 
  • Fleet managers can keep a closer eye on their drivers on the MyGeotab platform to identify what areas need improving for a driver or the whole fleet.
  • Fleet managers can see a trend for each driver and print out a report card for one on one coaching.

Benefits of using the Driver Challenge add on: 

The Driver Challenge add on allows you to track you driver behaviour in both a macro and micro level. The gamification of driving, means drivers are more enthusiastic to drive better because they can compete with fellow drivers. 

Driver Challenge add on has the following benefits:

Benefits to Drivers

  • Encourages friendly competition
  • Raises awareness on the impacts of bad driving habits
  • Identifies and helps you avoid risky behavior

Benefits to Managers

  •  Instant feedback allows faster learning
  •  Better results with less coaching
  •  Identifies risky drivers

How to get the Driver Challenge add on:

The Driver Challenge add on can be found in the Geotab Marketplace here. This can be added to any Geotab Database with any fleet size. 

Please contact us for more information of the Driver Challenge add on or any other product/services you are interested in.


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