Geotab Drive ELD vs AOBRD

Geotab ELDWhen the FMCSA announce the ELD (electronic logging device) mandate for the United States, they allowed a grandfather clause for tucks with existing automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDs). This grandfather period will be ending on December 16, 2019. 

ELD Implementation Timeline 


December 16, 2015

ELD final rule published

  • ELD use is voluntary
  • Paper logs, logging software, and AOBRDs are also permitted
  • Awareness and Transition Phase begins

December 18, 2017

ELD final rule compliance date

  • ELD use is mandatory
  • Existing AOBRDs can be used for 2 more years

December 16, 2019

Full compliance phase

  • Mandatory ELD use for all drivers and carrier subject to the ELD rule
  • ELDs must be self-certified and registered with the FMCSA

June 12, 2021 

Canadian ELD compliance date

  • Mandatory ELD use for all drivers and carriers subject to the ELD rule.
  • more information


AOBRD vs Geotab ELD:

While both AOBRDs and ELDs are designed to record a driver’s duty status, ELDs have several important advancements:

  • ELD’s are more streamlined and synchronized better with the online system and the vehicles on-board diagnostic system
  • Records location information about the truck at each duty cycle change, plus every 60 minutes while the vehicle is in motion. Much more accurate the AOBRD, which allows manual input and only records location at duty status changes.
  • Produces a graphical layout for duty status changes. 
  • Warns driver of unassigned driver time/miles upon login.
  • Defaults to on-duty not driving status when the vehicle has stopped for five consecutive minutes and there is no driver response to prompt the ELD.
  • Synchronizes to Universal Coordinated Time.
  • Enhanced resistance to tampering.

Other Key differences

  • Better Data Transfer: ELD allows you to directly transfer data to FMCSA through the web via email or direct upload to the eRODS system
  • In-cab documents: ELD mandate requires drivers to carry in-cab documentation. All the documentation can be found in the Geotab Drive app.
  • Special driving categories: The ELD mandate allows for specialized driving categories such as personal conveyance and yard move.
  • Editing logs: AOBRD does not contain the history of edits made to driving logs. ELD will record any edit history and does not allow changing of automated generated logs from the device.


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