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Get the most out of your Geotab Tracking System by utilizing our Fleet Tracking Solution. Included as part of the Geotab Tracking System GPS data is utilized to give fleet and safety managers a real-time view of fleet operations – helping to ensure compliance and improve productivity.

With the Geotab Fleet Tracking Solution, fleet managers easily access:

Real Time Status

  • Vehicle location and heading
  • Mapping of recent trip details, such as stop and start durations and mileage
  • Mapping of speed violations
  • Email alerts on speed violations

Trip History

  • Breadcrumb trail for vehicle trip history so you know if a driver has deviated from his/her route
  • Duration between and during stops/deliveries/pick ups
  • Mapping of operational and driving violations, including unauthorized use, collisions, risky driving, speed and idle


A user-defined boundary that monitors and reports on vehicles that travel inside or outside of a specific geographic area.

  • User-defined triggers: Inside or Outside, Specific Day of Week, Time Frame, Group
  • Real-time trigger upon activation and email alerts on triggers
  • Historical view of past triggers

Full Suite of Reports – configurable by date and time, or driver

  • Driver Trip History
  • Daily Fleet Summary
  • Over Speed Violations
  • Vehicle Asset Tracking
  • GeoFence Summary and Violations

Seamlessly integrated into MyGeotab, the Geotab Fleet Tracking Solution delivers fleet risk management – allowing you to access a wealth of compliance and productivity data while at the same time accessing safety and fuel information about your fleet. No need for additional in-cab equipment, extra peripherals or extra software, the Geotab Fleet Tracking Solution can be made available with a turn of the switch.

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