Geotab Fuel Reporting for IFTA – International Fuel Tax Agreement

International Fuel Tax Agreement

Do you or your business operate a commercial truck or bus in more than one province or state?

If yes, you are an interjurisdictional carrier (IJC) and you should know about the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).

What is IFTA?

IFTA is an agreement between 10 provinces in Canada and 48 states in the United States of America. It makes it easier for IJCs to register, licence, report and pay taxes for motor fuels (such as diesel and gasoline).

International Fuel Tax Agreement – IFTA:

See: Answers to Common Questions

Geotab IFTA Certificate:

See : Geotab IFTA Statement of certification

Geotab Integrated IFTA Report:

See: How to create the report
         (the report shows miles, however you can choose miles or KMs)

For more information about the other reports, see:  Geotab Checkmate Report Descriptions

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