Geotab Fuel Usage Report

Idling Time, Fuel Used, Fuel Economy and more…

by GPS Tracking Canada

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MyGeotab has a built in Fuel Usage Report
(which can be found under Engine & Maintenance menu)

By default the report will provide you with the GPS distance, Idling Time, Fuel Used and Zero Speed Fuel Used with the calculated Fuel Economy displayed in your specific unit of measure, be it L/100km or MPG. Every device will display GPS distance and Idling Time however Fuel Used will only be displayed if it is obtained from the vehicle’s engine computer.


As it’s name reflects,
this report will provide you with Fuel Usage stats for each vehicle if they are available:

This report, like most others,
includes multiple options you can choose from that will help you enhance the report:



Date Period: This will select what date range to grab the data for
Sub-Periods: This will allow you to split up the data in sub-periods so that you can create a trending report. You can of course only select  a sub-period that is smaller than the selected Date Period.
Display Options – Diagnostics: This option allows you to add other Engine Diagnostics to the report with which you can expand the scope of this report from simply a Fuel Usage report to something more.

Adding Other Diagnostics


This report has the option to add other diagnostics and this is where you can really harness the power of this report. Every diagnostic you add will report the minimum and maximum value during the time period as well as the total sum of all the values.Examples of how this could be used is by adding Engine Odometer and compare engine odometer with GPS distance, add in Fuel Level to see what is the minimum levels the tank reached during the time period, add Ignition to see how many ignition cycles happened, engine hours, etc.The results would look like the below:


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