Geotab Garmin HOS (Hours of Service) System Operation Guide


Geotab Garmin HOS (Hours of Service) System Operation Guide

This guide will demonstrate how to incorporate a Garmin device with your current Geotab GO Device for Hours of Service

by GPS Tracking Canada


The required equipment required Approved “GO Device”: GO6 device running 101.2.61 firmware or higher and approved “Garmin Device”: Garmin dēzl760 LMT (preferred) or 560 LMT. Make sure every driver has a copy of the “GeotabGarmin –HOS Driver Instruction Guide”, as well as a supply of blank driver records of duty status graph-grids sufficient to record the driver’s duty status and other related information for the duration of the current trip

The motor carrier must maintain a second copy (back-up copy) of the electronic hours-of-service files, by month, at a different physical location than where the original data is stored [FMCSA 395.15 (i) (10)]. No support for DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report).

Support is limited to 7-day/8-day property carrying drivers only. No support for oil field, salesperson, personal conveyance or passenger carrying driver rules.

These instructions are intended for operational staff at a carrier. Off-the-shelf Garmin devices (Garmin Dēzl560 & 760) can be setup in the office in bulk and then installed in vehicles after the setup process is complete. We strongly recommend that all devices and cabling are securely fixed. Before starting device setup, Upgrade your Garmin device to the latest firmware via the Garmin website. DO NOT use the USB cable that comes with the Garmin device to connect the Garmin device to your GO device. You can only use an IOX cable.

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