Geotab Discontinuing GO2 and GO4 Devices

Effective March 31, 2020, Geotab will be discontinuing all active GO2 and GO4 telematics devices. The GO2 and GO4 series are nearing the end of their product life cycle and this notice serves as an End-of-life announcement. This only effects a very small amount of devices that have been operational for more than 10 years.

Reason for discontinuation

GO2 and GO4 devices do not support data encryption, either in transit or at rest, and are unable to accept digitally signed firmware. As a result, these devices no longer meet Geotab’s minimum security standards due to the devices running on older technology. These devices have been active for longer than 10 years and they do not have the technology to support newer security systems.


All GO2 and GO4 devices will stop transmitting data on the shutdown date (March 31, 2020). To avoid a disruption of service, Geotab recommends that all discontinued devices be replaced with the latest available GO device before the shutdown date.


The GO2 and GO4 device can be replaced with the latest Geotab GO9 device. The GO9 device works on the latest 4G LTE network, with a much faster processor and 4 times more memory. This means the device is built for additional features that may be added to the device via over the air (OTA) updates. Also, the new devices will come with a new 1-year warranty. 

This type of technology-related discontinuation is rare but does occur in the industry. The newer standards for security and technology means that some older devices cannot be used. As you can see in the image below, the telecom industry has done recently when they discontinued the 2G standard. Most larger companies do not offer free upgrades in this situation as these are 10+ year-old devices. We at GPS Tracking Canada are offering our clients the devices at a discounted rate that we charge for replacement devices. 

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