Geotab GO5 Problem Diagnosis

Investigating Possible GO5 Malfunction

GPS Tracking Canada Support

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In order that we may better assist you, please investigate the answers these questions:

  1. What is the vehicle called on your database?
  2. Do you know specifically the date / time the incident was first noticed?
  3. Do you have the unit tied into the engine diagnostics port with a lock tie?
  4. Can you confirm if the unit is inserted snug or is there any play?
  5. Where is the unit located?  Is it near the front of the dash or buried deep at the back?  (We need to know if there may be signal obstruction)
  6. We need you to do the following:
  1.     With the engine off, remove the unit
  2.     Re-insert the unit and listen for 3 quick beeps and all 3 lights
    (red, greenish yellow, blue) to flash solid quickly and then go out
  3.     Turn on the engine and look at the lights.  They should come on in this order:
  1. Red comes on quickly – it is power
  2. Green (greenish / yellowish) comes on next after 20-30 seconds – it is the wireless GSM signal
  3. Blue – comes on after 1-3 minutes – it is GPS.
  4. All lights should continue to stay on while the vehicle is on
  5. Record the time when you do this procedure so that we can see look at the corresponding data on the computer.
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