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Create a Device Unplugged

Rule in Checkmate

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If you suspect a driver of tampering with a the Geotab gps tracking device, then the best way to deter tampering is to wrap a zip lock tie around the OBD port and the device.  The driver will need to physically cut the zip lock tie to remove the device.

Additionally you can create a rule in the Checkmate gps tracking system to notify you when a device has been unplugged.

Things to keep in mind:

  • A GO device has no battery back-up.  If the device loses power, it will not collect or report data during the power loss.
  • For this reason, you cannot be alerted instantly that a device was unplugged.  Rather, you will be notified once power is restored that a specific amount of time passed where the device lost power.

To create this rule:

1. Go to Rules & Groups > Rules.  Select “Add.”

2. Name the Rule: “Device Unplugged.”

3. Choose “Engine Fault Exception” as the type of rule.

4. From the drop down menu, select “Geotab GO Device: 136 – Device has been unplugged.” (NOTE:  You can type ‘unplugged’ or any other search term into the drop down and hit ENTER, and a list of all codes with that word in the description will appear).

5. Choose which vehicles this rule will apply to.

6.  The rule summary should read like the image below.  If it does not, please “Cancel” and start over.  It it does, please select “Finish.”

7. Now, you can assign this rule to a Distribution List and be alerted instantly, or you can run an Exceptions report and view each time this incident occurs.

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