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/Feature videos:

Geotab GPS Vehicle Tracking:

The Gold Standard Solutions For GPS Tracking

The Geotab Difference: Excellence in GPS Tracking Devices

Geotab GPS Tracking: Transforming Fleet Management


Key videos:

Geotab in-vehicle buzzer for
instant driver behaviour modification

– because unwanted driver behaviour wastes money!

Geotab GPS Tracking Hardware – Simple Installation:
Locating the Engine Diagnostics Port (1:05)

Geotab Mobile Login for iPhone (1:48)

Geotab device editor to customize each vehicle (0:41)

Geotab Creating Zones to identify geography area such as clients, suppliers, company yard (0:47)

Geotab allows you to set parameters to monitor harsh braking (0:49)

Features and benefits of Geotab connectivity to Garmin auto navigator (6:43)

Geotab’s comprehensive list of engine diagnostic data for engine maintenance (2:03)


Videos: Details about Geotab Online GPS Tracking System:

Geotab general overview of fleet tracking (3:28)

Geotab uses a proprietary algorithm to log and map data (0:50)

Geotab customer zone import wizard (0:42)

Congregation report shows when vehicles congregate at locations (0:50)

Creating a custom report in Geotab (2:58)


Videos: Details about the hardware:

Geotab GO7 Installation – Quick Overview (:27)

Geotab GO7 Installation – Detailed Overview (1:40)

Geotab allows you to track up to eight auxiliary inputs (0:31)

Installing Geotab GO7 With a Low Profile Extension Cable (2:31)

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