Geotab GPS Tracking System

Alert Management Regarding Rules Violations

Driver behavior that impacts bottom line:
  • What’s the business case for a GPS tracking system?
  • Is a GPS tracking system a nice to have or need to have? ie. will this help or hurt our bottom line?

Geotab GPS Tracking System has customizable “rules” to alert management regarding violations that impact:

  • profits
  • fuel costs
  • wage costs
  • vehicle maintenance and repair costs
  • insurance costs (with accident)
  • driver, passenger and public safety
  • customer service
  • company image (if vehicle branded)

An unlimited number of people can receive the alert or report simultaneously. You can choose the method by which you would like to receive the or report:

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Window popup on your computer
  • Window popup on your computer, marked red, urgent
  • Window popup on your computer, marked red, urgent and with any sound of your choosing, ie. you can even record your voice “tamper alert!”
  • Record to a log file
  • Record to a log file and automatically send an emailed report to unlimited recipients, period and frequency of your choosing.

Choose any or all of the above.

These incidents may occur whether or not you have a GPS tracking system and these incidents may affect your bottom line whether or not you have a GPS tracking system. However there is a huge difference on your bottom line when you properly use the Geotab GPS tracking system, because you’ll have the knowledge about the duration and frequency of the occurrence of these incidents, therefore giving you the opportunity to take action to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of these incidents and therefore helping you to improve your bottom line.

The document below summarizes the many rules available on the Geotab GPS tracking system, how they are used and how they impact your bottom line.

Click here to download.

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