Geotab Security Standards

Geotab’s Security Standards are maintained throughout the company at the highest level. Geotab takes a strong approach to security standards to make sure all their data is fully safe and secure by applying system-wide policies and regulations. Geotab constantly reviews and updates their security systems to make sure it resilient against any hackers or attackers of the system. Geotab takes the security of customer data very seriously and has safeguards built into the system to make sure the data is secure. Geotab has internal policies in place to make sure the data is not being accessed by unauthorized personnel or outside users.

Strict Internal Employee Guidelines

All Geotab and GPS Tracking Canada employees are trained on the security and privacy related policies. There are very specific internal controls in place to make sure that access is limited internal employees:

  • Geotab employees are granted very limited credentials on the systems.
  • All Geotab employees go through a fully approved government background check.
  • All access to a database is time limited and logged.

Secure Data Servers by Google

Geotab has partnered with Google Cloud Services to store their data. Google servers are located all over the world, which allows faster connectivity and more security as servers are off-site.  The cloud service providers do not allow access to any unauthorized personnel at the physical locations. Some key security features from the Google Cloud Platform include:

  • Expert information security team.
  • Data centers have layered security with a combination of physical and electronic protection.
  • Google infrastructure is constantly being certified by a growing number of standards and is audited by independent parties on a regular basis.

Encrypted Communication Between GO Device and Platform

Geotab GO devices are also fully secure with encrypted communication and firmware to prevent unauthorized access. Key GO device security features include:

  • Fully encrypted end-to-end communication with AES-256 level of encryption.
  • GO Device firmware is also encrypted and authenticated by the system before being applied to a device.
  • Geotab data from the engine or GPS does not contain any driver names or sensitive information when its transferred to the system.

Penetration Testing and System Scans

Geotab conducts annual external penetration testing on all its networks and systems. They also conduct internal systematic vulnerability testing on all servers and continuously scan them for potential security or privacy risks.

Geotab maintains a very high security standard on their system. The protection of client data is a top priority. This was why Geotab was awarded the largest telematics contract in the world by the United States Federal government for their vehicles. This shows that Geotab has successfully proved that their system is fully compliant with any security requirements outlined in the contract.

Also, to give you an idea of the level of security level,  please see here:

Company’s platform demonstrates ability to meet all security requirements set forth by U.S. federal government, validating Geotab’s approach to data security:


For more information on Geotab’s Security Standards see this official Geotab documentation.

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