Monitoring Speeding in Geotab

Geotab provides many ways to monitor speeding. This information can be presented to you in a variety of different ways including alerts on map, speeding notification, speed profiles etc. Geotab uses both commercial and open sources to get road speed limit information.Because of this, you can make rules that allow you to monitor your driver’s speed, including how far over the speed limit they are going.

1. The first way you can monitor speeding is by looking at the trips history. Exclamation triangles in the colour of the rule will show up in the trips history log (left side) and in the breadcrumb trail the vehicle’s path will change to the rule colour in all the places where he was breaking the rule.

2. Second you can bring up the Speed Profile. This is an in-system only report that lets you compare road speed to vehicle speed graphically.


Another way is by running the speeding exceptions report (see below). This report lets you see the details over any length of time as an excel or pdf.

You can combine these various speed tracking tools with the exceptional alerting system of Geotab:

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In order to help coach your drivers, the Geotab device is also capable of in-cab beeping, so that whenever they go over a set speed of your choice the device itself will beep until the driver goes below your chosen threshold again.

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