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Transforming Fleet Management

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Geotab vehicle tracking solutions are Transforming Fleet Management.

With the introduction of the world’s first expandable plug-and-play vehicle telematics platform, users can easily connect their Geotab GO device with the IOX  (Input / Output Expansion), so as to add a variety of third-party devices.

The quality of the decisions you make are only as good as the information you receive. That’s where Geotab fits in.  Collecting and delivering high quality information is what Geotab is about. It all starts with a Geotab-equipped vehicle. Geotab devices are truly plug-and-play, compatible with the data-port in most cars and commercial trucks, without requiring any special tools for installation. Geotab offers five features designed for best possible decision making. Starting with world-class GPS tracking, Geotab provides you with the most important tracking elements including complete trips, accurate mileage and engine hours.  Engine monitoring tracks the vehicle’s health, making you aware of maintenance priorities, with additional telematics information like VIN and odometer and seatbelt use – you’ll be driving safer while saving fuel.

Geotab’s unique accident detection solution allows you to respond to an incident from anywhere in the world.  And G-Force Sensors track hard braking, rapid acceleration, and other aggressive driving habits to improve MPG performance of the vehicle.  When you’re ready to grow, simply use Geotab’s IOX expander…a world-first plug and play solution where you can daisy-chain new Geotab hardware…add-on a communication display, RFID, plus additional sensor options.  Geotab is a platform to transform the way you manage your business.

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