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Alert The Driver When Rule Broken

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Checkmate GPS Tracking System Guide:  Alert The Driver When Rule Broken

You can send/notify the rule broken alert to more than one person at the same time, ie. staff, management and including the driver. You can create/apply the one single rule broken alert to all drivers/vehicles or create multiple rule broken alerts that apply specifically to each driver/vehicle.  Ie. the speeding rule could be applied to a specific “DEVICE” if you want to send the email message or beeping in the cab specifically to the violator, so that it does not go to other vehicles. (Checkmate refers to the vehicle as a “Device” (the Checkmate term “Driver” is not for most users – it is a different Checkmate system option using a driver “key”)).  Create the driver (Device) specific speeding rule by making the customization that you want and saving each customization with a different rule name.  Your customized rules appear at the bottom of the rule page.
Consider that if the driver receives the alert via email while he is driving, checks his smartphone and gets into an accident, he could blame you.  It’s your decision. Another option, instead of sending him an email is to set the Geotab GPS tracking device to beep in his vehicle.  Ie. tell the driver that you set a speeding rule (if he drives ??km over the limit) and if it beeps 10 times in his cab, because he broke the rule, then you will also be notified by email message at the same time as he is receiving the beeps in his cab.

To summarize, if you decide to not go the route of sending an email message or beeping in the cab directly to a specific driver/vehicle , then you do not need to create/apply multiple rules to multiple Devices, therefore creating one single rule and violation of the rule (email to management, beep in the cab), will to apply to all vehicles.

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