Geotab Driver Identification

Geotab IO Extender (IOX) Driver ID add-on

Driver Identification using Near Field Communications (NFC)

Geotab IO Extender ( IOX )add-on for GO6 for Driver Identification

Geotab GPS Tracking GO6 Driver ID Tag used with NFC Reader


This is an add-on for the GO6 GPS tracking device.  IOX options may be daisy chained.

The Geotab GO6™ device is the world’s only expandable plug-&-play vehicle telematics platform that allows for unique IO Extender (IOX™) expandability. Geotab has integrated Near Field Communications (NFC) to deliver simple Driver Identification where many drivers may operate pooled vehicles.

Simple install:
The NFC Driver ID solution can be setup in minutes, as it connects to the GO device IOX (expansion port).

Ease of Use:
With one simple touch of the NFC FOB, vehicle operators can quickly, easily, and securely transfer their driver identification information up to the cloud.

Scoring reports:
Associating drivers with the vehicles they are in also allows for the software to generate driver based score reports — a unique feature in today’s vehicle tracking industry.

Top Features

  • Plug & Play
  • Identifies drivers to vehicles
  • Enables driver based reporting

See document below for detailed information and installation instructions:

Click here to view full screen or download.

Click here to view full screen or download.

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