Are you here because no matter what you do, you can’t seem to log into your MyGeotab or Geotab Drive App account? You’re absolutely sure that you are entering the password wrong but it’s been ten tries and you are still seeing “Invalid user name or password”.

The culprit? A user lockout! Too many incorrect login attempts in a short amount of time will cause the user to automatically be locked out. Geotab sets this security feature up with a default of 3 failed attempts in 15 minutes will cause a user to be locked out for 30 minutes.



Geotab User Lockout

To Unlock Users

Navigate to your list of users under Aministration > Users and find the locked out user. Finding this user is easy because of the little red lock symbol next to their name. When you click to view that user in detail, towards the top of the page you will see a button to “Unlock” them. This button will only appear for users who are locked out of their account. Click this button and they will now be able to attempt to login again. From this same page, we recommend that you change the password for them to ensure that they are typing in the correct credentials.

How To Turn Off User Lockout

If you would like to turn this setting on or off, or adjust the settings you can go to Administration > System > System Settings > User Account Policy.

User Lockout Setting

*Please note that this is a security feature provided by Geotab to help protect against unwanted access into your account.*


If you are still having problems accessing your account do not hesitate to contact us.

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