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Geotab is a world leading developer of GPS vehicle tracking technology solutions used to measure and record activity of vehicles and their drivers. The compact Geotab GO7 device combines date, time, location, vehicle data and accelerometer information to create the best possible measurements of a trip. The GO7 is compatible with more vehicles than any other device supporting past and current model gas, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles.

Geotab has been measuring trips and activity with the highest quality precision for over 10 years. Our GPS fast latch technology acquires date, time and location information usually within 3 seconds of start up. Onboard the vehicle, the GO7 analyzes activity every second from ignition on through reversing, turning, accelerating, cornering, braking and stopping. Our approach provides accurate and useful trip information for use by analysts, managers and personal drivers.

For loss control, drivers can be notified when safe driving thresholds are exceeded — when an audible alert is heard to assist drivers to manage their driving habits.

As a leading technology engineering company solely focused on advanced telematics, Geotab’s devices can accurately differentiate between aggressive driving, accident events and pot holes in the road.

The device identifies jack rabbit start, as well as an engine-over revving RPMs, and of course speeding. All events are easily analyzed and compared in using the web based software service.
The importance of the GO7’s capability to identify risky driving by using the multi-sensor approach is important to identify the difference between accelerometer events happening at low speed vs high speed or those that occur in a built up area or vehicle being revved to overtake.
With the accuracy of the recording, your post-sampling of the vehicle’s speed versus the posted speed limit is also available.
Hard Braking is a leading predictor of distracted driving or aggressive driving. Braking incidents often involve rear end collisions at worst, and premature brake and tire wear at best.
Recording cornering relies solely on the accelerometer for the severity of the G-Force and when combined with the date, time, speed and location of the hard cornering the event can be properly logged. The audible alert is very effective to manage cornering habits.
When driving in a residential neighborhood, it is even more critical that drivers are aware of their performance. Full stops at stop signs are recorded.
Trips on residential roads are properly logged without gaps or jumps.
In the event of an accident, the GO7 can automatically release data from its accident memory buffer. This unique additional memory buffer has been logging the entire trip in high precision forensic detail. Precise information including what direction the vehicle was hit, if it spun and if the brakes were applied prior to collision. The capability to retrieve accident level events in this detail helps claims adjusters and managers quickly understand the severity of a problem and action steps as quickly as possible
Geotab technology end-to-end solutions are fully supported with a software login, map view, detection of activity in city or suburb, geofencing zones and features and reports for many user groups.

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